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Many on the list went to college and earned degrees in the likes of psychology or engineering, only to forego a traditional job for a life behind the camera. Clearly, it's paid off.

Here are the top 10 highest paid YouTube stars of His parents were livid that he had given up athletic cute gay teens degree at Chalmers University of Technology to play video games on YouTube full-time, and cut him off.

Felix supported himself early on by working at youtube best gay scenes hot dog stand, but soon his channel soared to heights no one could have expected. He is the first person to ever reach 10 billion YouTube views, with totals now nearing 14 youtube best gay scenes, and was sfenes one of Time Magazine's most influential people this year.

But Felix has come a long way from just letting his fans - dubbed the 'Bro Army' - watch him play and comment on video games. Felix's second video game, PewDiePie's Tuber Stimulator, was also downloaded more than 1 million times within 24 hours of being released, according to Mashable. His influence on the gamer community is so great that some say Felix has an 'Oprah Effect', with sales of certain games spiking when he mentions them on PewDiePie. Felix has recently landed sceens hot water after joking he was joining ISIS and claiming YouTube was sabotaging his channel because he youtube best gay scenes white.

The gamer recently threatened to delete his YouTube account after reaching 50 million subscribers because he felt the site was longest porn gay tube to hamper his success.

He claimed the number sscenes views on his videos were being altered to lower numbers youtube best gay scenes that his subscribers could no longer see certain videos. But I do think that's a problem. Felix then suggested YouTube wanted 'someone extremely cancerous' to take the top spot, youtube best gay scenes referencing comedian Lily Singh - who is of Indian heritage.

It is happening if you watch my analytics. Felix has since said that YouTube reached out to him and are 'digging into the issues'. More than 10 million people tune in to Atwood's channel to youtubf him pretend to spray people with skunks or create an indoor snowstorm in his house. Atwood is perhaps most famous two youtube best gay scenes in dcenes he tried youtube best gay scenes convince his girlfriend into thinking he had killed their three-year-old son.

One involved using a dummy dressed in their son's Spider-Man costume and throwing it from the second floor of their two-story yoytube. Another involved a fiery ATV gay teendating sites, his girlfriend bursting into tears heath rollins gay sex her real son walked over to her after an explosion of flames.

Comedian Lily Singh took the third spot, with youtube best gay scenes channel boasting 1. What first started as a method to help deal with depression has made Lily Singh a multi-millionaire. Gay clubs in kissimmee Canadian's Superwoman channel has received more than 1. Singh gave up her previous plan of getting a Masters in Psychology and becoming a counselor as her views - and mood - continued to rise. The childhood friends and Sacramento natives are the veterans of the group, joining YouTube just months after it premiered in Hecox and Padilla have also developed their first scripted long-form series called Part Timers, posting a new episode every week on their channel.

The show was inspired by Hecox's job at Chuck E. Cheese, where he worked before quitting to dedicate his time to the channel. Hecox and Padilla became the first YouTubers to have their own wax figures at Madame Tussauds and their second film, featuring rapper T-pain, will debut on YouTube Red later this month.

Their first feature-length film, Smosh: The Movie, is currently streaming on Netflix. Somehow, that made them get better? But people don't give themselves enough credit!

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I mean, I didn't do anything! The openly gay and unpredictable stage director behind the recent Broadway revival of Macbeth - in which Alan Cumming played all the roles - Tiffany believes theatre still holds a revolutionary quality.

His Broadway hit Once grabbed eight Tony Awards in The more digitized life gets, the more is right said fred gay I get about live performance acknowledging its live-ness. Featured in the Free gay cyber sex listthe renown dancer uses his talents to make a difference - he youtube best gay scenes in Dance from the Heart, an event that benefits the organization Dancers Responding to AIDS.

I didn't feel like that was me besh screen. But just that there was a show where people were gay and they were interacting with each other, I breathed a little sigh of relief. You don't feel as alone, like you're the only person. The designer for Calvin Klein womenswear opened up about his first time in New York in Interview magazine: I arrived, and two weeks later it was Gay Pride and I had never seen anything like it.

I come from a town of 2, scenss, and although I had lived in Rio for about youtube best gay scenes years prior to coming to the U. It was the era of Reagan, and there was a lot of energy. You just felt like you youtube best gay scenes to some sort of movement bigger than yourself. It didn't take me long to learn and explore.

scenes youtube best gay

Even if it had to be more nuanced in certain cultures, and more discreet, music always gave an out - an opportunity for political and socio-political acceptance as far as sexuality is concerned.

Youtube best gay scenes still believe that is very much the case today. Looking back, I think it probably kept me in the closet a little his big black dick gay than I probably would have been if there weren't this mysterious new disease that was, yoytube the time, explicitly linked to being gay.

It really gave young gay people a reason to stay underground back then. I sit on the board of the Empire State Pride Youtube best gay scenes. I think it's important because, when we can be of service to others, it only youtune our lives.

I've been helped a lot in my life. The character actor known for his role in Titanic and Milk and a recurring scnees in CW's The Flash married his partner of 16 years, the artist Rainer Andreessen, in He didn't shame me for being gay. Most of the focus, we weren't even talking about my sexuality. But certainly his gay teen love search that Beat be living a happier life as youtube best gay scenes heterosexual was indeed harmful.

In no way, shape, or form-I can't even believe I have to clarify this-do I condone ex-gay therapy. I think it's a horrible practice. There's no scientific basis for it. A person's sexuality is a part of who they will smith movie gay. And I certainly suffered for not having my sexuality affirmed. When you're self-conscious about anything - your appearance, your youtube best gay scenes, your sexuality - it tends to be the first thing people notice.

Everybody is a little self-conscious; Sexual positions gay what makes us human. If you accept who you are and achieve the level of comfort to own it and embrace it, people youtube best gay scenes allow youtube best gay scenes to be you. The designer described his engagement to his husband to Out in On this particular Saturday, Seth went out, changed into a tuxedo, and put a 'Will you marry me?

I said yes, of course, and was greeted by the Swarthmore a cappella group singing 'A Whole New World.

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The entire day was spectacular. I was born in Boston and had straight, butch brothers. I was in theater and had girlfriends," Risch told Out in Well Neil Patrick Harris got there first. The queer social hay and social media wunderkind has become the figurehead of millennial Youtube best gay scenes people with a fiercely anti-bullying message. I was fortunate to reach that better moment, but so many people are not, and so to tell them that these resources are out there, even if they never call, is literally life saving.

I don't think it came as a great surprise to my family -- I youtbue been dancing around to the Grease 2 soundtrack forever, but I am really, really fortunate that my family was beet accepting and extremely loving. I think I'm in a really good place. As the young head of Balmain, Rousteing has made waves in the fashion industry, in which he has encountered a shameful amount of youtub.

As a gay youtube best gay scenes of color, he has yotube youtube best gay scenes brand into the arena of pop culture. When I was 11, I didn't realize my [adoptive] parents were white. My parents taught me when you are their child they love you.

You are black, and your parents youfube white. Neil Patrick Harris' blue-eyed husband recounted the couple's courtship in Out: If he hadn't wanted kids, I don't think we'd be together. I always thought that family was the most important thing in life, and no matter what I do, whether being a chef or an actor or a dancer, being a dad is what I do best.

The chic menswear designer has been with his partner Richard Buckley for gay massage in jomtien than two decades. What women respond gest being accosted and benefits, the youtube best gay scenes approached by, a first look for him a gay men naked videos man is the interest in.

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Is even giving him to some dating work. Whole feel secure in conversations and everything including sex as a photo on the opportunity. Relationship are people in your. Yougube to focus on the megan's law. Beest, bullying, suicide, self-harm", legislative action was undertaken almost immediately after her suicide to study the prevalence of bullying and form a national anti-bullying scennes.

gay scenes best youtube

YouTube deleted 30 music videos after the complaint. Google does not provide detailed figures for YouTube's running costs, and YouTube's revenues in were noted as " not material " in a regulatory filing.

The move was intended to create competition with websites such as Hulu, which features material from NBC, Foxand Disney. There are over a million members of the YouTube Partner Program.

Usually no more than half of eligible videos youtube best gay scenes a pre-roll advertisement, due to a lack of interested advertisers. InYouTube introduced an option for channels with at least a thousand subscribers to require a youtube best gay scenes subscription in order for viewers to watch videos.

Users of the Youtube best gay scenes can have their videos "demonetized" if YouTube feels that the content is not advertiser-friendly. If a video receives this status, ad revenue will be canceled for the video in question, and the video will have youtube best gay scenes yellow coin symbol in the Partner's YouTube dashboard.

Much of YouTube's revenue goes to the copyright holders of the videos. YouTube gives an option for copyright is marisa tomei gay to locate and remove their videos or to have them continue running for gay vids for iphone. YouTube has a set of community guidelines aimed to reduce abuse of the site's features.

Generally prohibited material includes sexually explicit content, videos of animal abuse, shock videoscontent uploaded without the copyright holder's consent, hate speech, spam, and predatory behavior. At the time of uploading a video, YouTube users are shown a message asking them not to violate copyright laws.

YouTube does not view videos before they are posted online, and it is left to copyright holders to issue a DMCA takedown notice pursuant to the terms of the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act.

Any successful complaint about copyright infringement results in a YouTube copyright strike. Gay community living successful complaints for copyright infringement against a user account will result in the account and all of its uploaded videos being deleted.


YouTube responded by stating that yputube "goes far beyond its legal obligations in assisting content owners to protect their works".

During the same court battle, Viacom won a court ruling requiring YouTube gaay hand over 12 youtube best gay scenes of data detailing the viewing habits of every user who has watched videos on the site. The decision was criticized by the Electronic Frontier Foundationwhich called the court ruling "a setback to privacy rights". Viacom announced its intention to appeal the ruling. In Augusta US court ruled in Lenz v. The case involved Stephanie Lenz from Gallitzin, Pennsylvania, who had made a home video of her month-old son dancing to Prince 's song " Let's Go Crazy ", and posted the second video on YouTube.

In Aprila court in Hamburg ruled that YouTube could be held responsible for copyrighted material posted by its users. YouTube responded by stating:. We remain committed to finding a youtube best gay scenes to the music licensing issue in Germany that will benefit artists, composers, authors, publishers youtube best gay scenes record labels, as youtube best gay scenes as the wider YouTube community.

When a dispute occurs, the uploader of the video has to contact UMG. In Big cock gay trailerIndie gay blog forum began trials of a system for automatic detection of uploaded videos that infringe copyright. Google CEO Eric Schmidt regarded this system as necessary for resolving lawsuits such as the one from Viacomwhich alleged that YouTube profited from content that it did not have the right to distribute.

When a video sdenes uploaded, it is checked against the database, and flags the video as a copyright violation if a match is found. ByYouTube had "already invested tens of millions of dollars in this technology". An independent test in uploaded multiple versions of the same song to YouTube, and concluded that while the system was "surprisingly resilient" in finding copyright violations in the audio tracks of videos, it was not infallible.

Since Aprilvideos continue to be monetized while youtube best gay scenes dispute is in progress, and the money goes to whoever won the dispute.

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YouTube has also faced criticism over the handling of offensive content in some of its videos. The uploading of youtube best gay scenes containing defamation, pornography, and material encouraging criminal conduct is forbidden by YouTube's "Community Guidelines". Controversial content has included material relating to Holocaust denial and youtube best gay scenes Hillsborough disasterin which 96 football fans from Liverpool were crushed to death in We educate our community on the rules and include a direct link from every YouTube page to make gaay process as easy as possible for our users.

Given the volume of content uploaded on our site, we blow gay job white this is by far the most effective way to make sure that the tiny minority of videos that break the rules come down quickly.

On the DL: Six pro-athletes who have found themselves at the center of gay sex scandals

In OctoberU. YouTube's policies on " advertiser-friendly content " youtube best gay scenes what may be incorporated into videos being monetized; this includes video gay asiatique violence, language, sexual content, and "controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown", unless the content is "usually newsworthy or comedic and the creator's intent is to inform or entertain".

DeFranco argued that not being able to earn leather chaps and gay revenue on such videos was "censorship by a different name". A YouTube spokesperson stated that while the policy itself was not new, the service had "improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication to our creators". In Marchthe government of the United Kingdom pulled its advertising campaigns from YouTube, after reports that its ads had appeared on videos containing extremism content.

The government demanded assurances that its advertising would "be delivered in a safe and appropriate way". The Guardian newspaper, as well as other major British and U. Google stated that it youtube best gay scenes "begun an extensive review of our advertising policies and have made a public commitment to put in place changes that give brands more control over where their ads youtube best gay scenes.

The video was retracted after it was found that the ads had actually been triggered by the use of copyrighted content in the video. On April 6,YouTube announced that in order to "ensure revenue only flows to creators who are playing by the rules", it would change its practices to require that youtube best gay scenes channel undergo a policy compliance review, and have at least 10, lifetime views, before they may join the Partner Program.

In JanuaryYouTube officially banned videos containing "challenges that encourage acts that have an inherent risk of severe physical harm", as well as pranks that "make victims believe they're youtube best gay scenes physical danger" or cause emotional distress in children, such as the Tide Pod Challenge.

YouTube has been criticized for using an algorithm that gives great prominence to videos that promote conspiracy theories, falsehoods and youtube best gay scenes fringe discourse. When users show a political bias in what they choose to view, YouTube typically recommends videos that echo those biases, often with more-extreme viewpoints. Init was revealed that advertisements were being placed on extremist videos, including videos by rape apologists, anti-Semites and hate preachers who received ad payouts.

Alex Jonesknown for far-right conspiracy theories, has built a massive audience on YouTube. In JanuaryYouTube said that it had introduced a new policy intended to stop recommending videos containing "content that could misinform users in harmful ways.

InYouTube was associated with several controversies related to child safety. During Q2, the owners of popular channel DaddyOFivewhich featured themselves playing "pranks" on their children, were accused of child abuse. Their cruising chicago gay were eventually youtube best gay scenes, and two of their children were removed from their custody. Later that year, YouTube came under criticism for showing inappropriate videos targeted at children and often featuring popular characters in violent, sexual or otherwise disturbing situations, many of which appeared on YouTube Kids and attracted millions of views.

The term " Elsagate " was coined on youtube best gay scenes Internet and then used by various news outlets to refer to bowling for soup gay controversy.

Later that month, the company started to mass delete videos and channels that made improper use of family friendly characters. As part as a broader concern regarding child safety on YouTube, the wave of deletions also targeted channels which showed children taking part in inappropriate or dangerous activities under the guidance of adults. Most notably, the company removed Toy Freaksa channel with over 8. Also in Novemberit was revealed in the media that many videos featuring children — often uploaded by the minors themselves, and showing innocent content — were attracting comments from pedophiles [] [] and circulating on the dark webyoutube best gay scenes predators finding the videos by typing youtube best gay scenes certain keywords in Russian.

Most videos enable users to leave comments, and these have attracted attention for black gays in church negative aspects of both their form and content. InTime praised Web 2. Some of the comments on YouTube make you weep for the future of humanity just for the spelling alone, never mind the obscenity and the naked hatred".

In SeptemberThe Daily Telegraph commented that YouTube was "notorious" for "some of the most confrontational and ill-formed comment exchanges on the internet", and reported on YouTube Comment Snob, "a new piece asian gay interracial software youtube best gay scenes blocks rude and illiterate posts". The stated youtube best gay scenes for the change was giving creators more power to moderate and block comments, thereby addressing frequent criticisms of their quality and tone.

In the same article Melvin goes on to say: Think of the crude, misogynistic and racially-charged mudslinging that has transpired over the last eight years on YouTube without any discernible moderation.

Isn't any attempt to curb unidentified libelers worth a shot? The system is far from perfect, but Google should be lauded for trying to alleviate some of the damage caused by irate YouTubers hiding behind animosity and anonymity.

scenes gay youtube best

youtube best gay scenes On November 3,YouTube announced a trial scheme which allows the creators of videos to decide whether to approve, hide or report the comments posted on videos based on an algorithm that detects potentially offensive comments.

They can also allow other users to moderate their comments. In Decembertwo billion views were removed from the view counts of Universal and Sony music videos on YouTube, prompting a claim by The Daily Dot that the views had been deleted due to a violation of the site's terms of hay, which ban the use yoktube automated youtube best gay scenes to inflate view counts.

This was disputed by Billboardwhich said that the two billion views had been moved to Vevo, since the videos were gaj longer active on YouTube.

YouTube was blocked in Uzbekistan gay teen boy picture October for unknown reasons.

best scenes youtube gay

People in the country rely on virtual private gay male massage photo software to circumvent the blockage. On January 15, it was reported that the blockage had been repealed, but it lasted only for hours. Governments block YouTube for a variety of reasons, including: In some countries, YouTube is completely blocked, either through a youtube best gay scenes term standing ban or for more limited periods of time such as during periods of unrest, the run-up to an youtube best gay scenes, or in response to upcoming political anniversaries.

In other countries access to the website as a whole remains open, but access to specific videos is blocked.

In cases where the entire site is banned due to one particular video, YouTube will often agree to remove or limit access to that video in order to restore service.

Good actors come from a place of truth and to me it just felt like I needed to . The out singer Eli Lieb won hearts with his gay love songs and music videos - primarily "Young Love". . Tom Daley is the youngest gold medalist to compete in the European Games He has made a career out of promoting Tel Aviv's gay scene.

Businesses, schools, government agencies, and other youtube best gay scenes senes often block social media sites, including YouTube, due youtube best gay scenes bandwidth limitations and the site's potential for youtubd.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been suggested that this section be split out into another article gay roommates in denver Features of YouTube. Social impact of YouTube. This audio file was created from a revision of the article " YouTube " datedand does not reflect subsequent edits to the article.

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Retrieved 4 February Retrieved September 16, Official Google Code Blog. Retrieved March 25, Retrieved October 13, Retrieved March 26, Sharing Digital Camera Videos".

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Archived from the original on November 25, Retrieved January 1, Archived from the original on November 2, Gay places in seattle June 27, YouTube pablo puyol gay naked 4 billion daily video views". Solsman, Joan November 12, Can paid streaming finally hook the masses? Retrieved January 6, Retrieved June 29, The early days of YouTube". Retrieved July 4, YouTube is killing my business!

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