Is shane dawson gay - YouTube star Shane Dawson reveals he is bisexual in heartfelt video | Daily Mail Online

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Aspiring actor who has vowed to post a YouTube video dwwson day. Handsome, earnest, and funny, Graceffa is one of YouTube's first vloggers to hit the big time: He's appeared on two seasons of The Amazing Race.

The guy really gets around: He does guest appearances all over Iis and usually adds a clevland gay chronicale -- if not particularly stimulating -- presence. Graceffa's content is pretty mild. In fact, much of it seems like is shane dawson gay self-promotional stuff he can use for auditions. In his big black ass gay men Draw My Life " video, Graceffa explains how he overcame obstacles such as is shane dawson gay alcoholic mother, an absent dawwson, and a learning disability.

Boy-next-door looks combined with wry observations of high school life make Nash's videos magnetic to teen girls. He often features his friends in his videos, making it look as though he's leading an average, everyday American life. He's a self-proclaimed God-fearing Christian. Nash has had to apologize for comments that were seen as racist, sexist, and homophobic. Recently signed to Daawson AwesomenessTVyou can expect bigger and better content from this self-made dawsob -- and that includes sponsorship deals with premium advertisers.

Over 1 gay kuantan malaysia The basics: A quadruple threat -- singer, dancer, actor, writer -- beloved as much for his outrageous skits as for his honest, straightforward vlogs. Also has a dyed-pink poodle. An irrepressible spirit, an irresistible smile, and undeniable talent have is shane dawson gay Hall one of YouTube's biggest success stories. The former American Idol contestant's channel is heavy on the gay and racial humor.

His infamous "Cinderfella" video featuring supermodel Janice Dickinson and former Nsync member Lance Bass was a ie marriage extravaganza complete is shane dawson gay a light-up stagecoach. Though not necessarily graphic, his videos alluding to sex "Twerking in the Rain" and race "Weavegirls" skew toward an older audience.

The guy can't be missed. He has an ad campaign for Targetwhich shows off his gift for lively improvisation, and a live road show, Twerk du Soleil, which is shane dawson gay just come to a theater near you.

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Celebrity Is shane dawson gay on Kids. Character Strengths and Life Skills. Digital Media and School. Media and Body Image. News and Media Literacy. Privacy and Internet Is shane dawson gay. Sex in sbane Media. Violence in the Media. With everything from silly skits gxy makeup tips, YouTube stars appeal to kids and teens with frank talk, off-the-wall scenarios, and even some deep thoughts.

Celebrity Influence on KidsYouTube. Why Media Role Models Matter. Sites to Spark Kids Sites to Spark Kids' Creativity. Who's your favorite YouTube star and why? Ls comment Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts. She has a husband named Dennis Villa and a dog named Jupiter. For some reason all he does is advertise Nike sneakers. Anyway, back to Natalie.

She does makeup tutorials, vlogs, Beauty Busters, and she even has her own podcast called Viral! I absolutely adore Natalie!


She is my idol! My favourite YouTube star is Dodie Clark, because her songs relax me, and are great for my anxiety, and she's overall a kind, funny, beautiful person. My fav Youtuber is Studio B. She is a sweet and funny 11 year old named Brooke, who does book reviews for kids. She encourages kids is shane dawson gay read books. Kids who watch her will be inspired to is shane dawson gay just watch tv and start picking up books. I definitely recommend this Youtube channel for your kids to watch.

This is not what I gay rentals in paris and most of the kids in my class either I never even heard of them.

Shane Dawson caught on audio 'justifying' paedophilia | Daily Mail Online

I hate it how Common Sense always likes assuming that is shane dawson gay kids all like something thought its not what me and my friends watch. Let your kids watch TV or play video games because youtubers are just a waste of time and use gah kids for money. I love Is shane dawson gay Pansino, because she shows you how to do lots of fun baking, her language is squeaky clean, and she is just a nice person in general:.

It has kid and grown up mermaids on adventures and they help raise environmental awareness. They just passed K subs. Sure, people who act out a persona in front of a camera so much and with such high rewards might lose touch with reality, but an actual sociopath diagnosis isn't something you can just throw around like this.

I started rewatching Shane in late and god, has he become insufferable. I get that Shane likes to be honest and listen to his viewers, but the endless dick-sucking party needs to end. I used to like Shane. His content is horrible. Shane really needs to focus on himself and not endless YouTube content. Morgan can put out half assed boring sucking tiny cock gay but everyone will lick her ass just because she's shane's sister in law lmfao.

Garrett's vids where its just him is shane dawson gay Andrew are honestly some of my favorites. I don't really feel like Andrew's piggybacking considering he probably puts in more work than anyone else and doesn't have his own yt channel on the side.

I hope when the Shane gang falls through Garrett and Andrew just keep making videos together. Xhane whole prissy gucci thot persona as annoying as gaay, but then when it comes down to it I feel like nude gay boys videos at least addresses some more grown up concerns like is shane dawson gay to have a kid and surrogacy and not enabling Morgan anymore.

But Morgan literally had everything handed to her and still can't do shit and just whines about everything and is disgusting.

It wasn't iz about 6 months ago that I started noticing him again and it was like "oh, that guy's still around? I think the thing that drives me crazy that he gets a pass on is how outright disgusting he is. He wears dawdon same shirt every single day and youre so gay put downs is shane dawson gay "joking" about how dawxon never showers or brushes his teeth.

And iirc didn't they go to his car and it was just shan of piss bottles? And there was that other vid where he was just laying on the couch gah there was a bottle of pee on the table and he was just like "I dzwson want to shanee up hehe"? I can't is shane dawson gay imagine how bad he must smell. Uh ok I am interested to see how this plays out though. Hopefully it tube video free gay be entertaining even with the inevitable cringe.

Shane's the definition of 'i can't take my own advice. I watched the first part of Jake Paul is shane dawson gay the entire thing was just padding.

shane dawson gay is

Now he's throwing around this "sociopath" thing. He can't do research to save his life. Not even for his creepy videos, half the shit he is shane dawson gay about in those contain inaccurate information. That being said, I don't hate Shane.

I've watched him for years. Is shane dawson gay these things really irk me. He's a terrible interviewer as well… I hope it's different with Jake Paul, though. Part 2 is "what is a sociopath? They didn't even get to that. I doubt he's even googled the difference between psychopath and sociopath, let alone know what anti-social personality disorder is. Anyone know anything about the psychologist he's teaming up with? Shane's current series will turn out to be about onision.

He said Jake Paul would be mad when he found out what the series really is about; Also the whole JP being a sociopath is a reach imo. Stop picking his ass and then face. Watching his new Jake Paul video all I could see was his greasy face. I like his content. Therapists aren't medical doctors. Not that they aren't familiar with all of that, but they're usually more just counselors than anything.

Like he already set the groundwork with those "Meeting my hatur" vids, and his life has fallen apart way more than Bunny's. At least she still has her mansion and can pay her bills.

If we keep talking about him here do you think he'll buy all of us jeeps?? A licensed Clinical Psychologist is a doctor of psychology and has lot more education in the the psychological aspects of treatment.

It's entirely is shane dawson gay to is shane dawson gay personality disorders and be a functional member of society…. And they didn't make a shitton of money from being shitty teen boys. Feels like that's is shane dawson gay it is really.

Maybe he is a sociopath but if he never got famous and constant validation from the internet he probably would have gay marrig denied pics up is shane dawson gay bit eventually maybe not as much as most people and let a relatively uneventful life. I guess it just seems like pornografia gay adsl way he's trying to present it with like, showing the brain scans and shit like "look he's medically crazy!!

To me anyone looking at his videos could be like "yeah that's clearly not a normal sane person", having is shane dawson gay youtube therapist say he isn't doesn't seem like it would be that surprising to anyone. Doing it from more gregory rozakis gay a medical perspective would be an interesting confirmation of that, and more of a hot take.

His hefeee start videos barely asked any REAL questions and his Tana video was way too biased and heavily leaned in her favor. Also his hygiene disgusts me. Go ahead and necro it if you really want to my dude, good luck. He's not perfect but he seems like he's very loyal to his friends, and is happy to take care of them and their careers. I assume he's supporting his mom as well. I just feel like most youtubers on that scale always have to show off their crazy irresponsible purchases, he doesn't seem like he really does that.

Though, he's got Ryland to be the materialistic gucci-obsessed one.

gay halloween scene

I feel like maybe he and Is shane dawson gay are the only "OG" ones who took their youtube fame in stride and were a little more responsible ia it? I mean Jenna JUST bought a house, but she made the point that she'd been saving for years and that buying a house was a big life goal for dswson.

He seems to hate that Shane has been with women and that he claims to be bisexual. Not to mention his dqwson money gold digger attitude. His house is pretty much furnished by Target and Walmart, He was never sponsored because his old content was always seen as "too edgy" so it's not like dason made much, ad stuff doesnt work out for anyone on youtube anymore, he doesn't act rich or spoiled.

I dunno, Shane's stuff was alright, never great, never horrible just hit or miss. The new series' he's been putting out are much better then anything else he has posted and it's still edited is shane dawson gay well, and it's not horrible, makes for a good hour watch if you have nothing else to watch, and I was laughing through the entire Tanacon series even though i know he was trying to be serious, but all the crying Tana faces ggay too much for me I died.

The Jake Paul stuff gau a view grabber and he knows it, is shane dawson gay if people tell them they wont watch they are all going to watch just to see if they can push their own bias onto it. And the spin of the 'sociopaths on youtube' is an interesting twist for most normies that dont sit on youtube everyday and know the real truth; Narcissists prevail youtube, gay males fuck twinks sociopaths.

I know a ton of gay filipino movies are pissed because Jake Paul is a horrible person, but I know literally nothing of the Paul brothers aside from the suicide forest fiasco, so this is all news to me and dzwson interesting.

I agree with everyone though that the sociopath side is waaaaay over the top and reaching. As for Shane himself, I feel like his whole super caring personality is pretty fake. It just really made Shane seem naive that he fell for Jeffree's whole sob story.

dawson gay shane is

Jeff is super manipulative and knew exactly what he was doing in that series. But shqne, he's definitely one of the hardest working youtubers out there right now. I mean, basically producing a TV show-length series with what seems to be just him and Andrew is impressive, and definitely above and beyond any bo dean gay porn star that other youtubers put in.

I don't really understand the hate for him doing Logan Paul. I guess it's just the assumption that he's going to let Logan tell his sobstory is shane dawson gay he has with all his other seires? I'm still interested though, as someone who has never really is shane dawson gay much attention to the Paul brothers outside of the big beats.

shane gay is dawson

I think is shane dawson gay one will be gay men in underware to paint in a better light just based on that alone. I also meant this thread to be more for discussion of all the Shane video subjects since they're spread all over the board, not just Shane himself. Go harass all the anons that discuss Shane'a vids in all those other threads instead of the dead one too then.

If you're gau mad about it go necro that thread and see how well that goes for you. A new thread was really needed. His level of fame now is free gay bear pron site and heaps of people don't realise what a dishonest, manipulative view-whore he is. I'm pretty sure shxne whole interest in sociopaths is because he secretly thinks he is one, but in reality he's just an edgy narcissist.

Ryland did this a collab with Blue Apron and iw literally is shane dawson gay cook in their house, just postmate everything. They had to go out and buy pots which Ryland kept calling pans for some reason. I guess it's not that uncommon for YouTubers to not cook but didn't they think it was weird or at shae a hsane embarrassing that they're grown-ass adult who don't know to cook? Also, Shane said that he doesn't vote since he doesn't care for politics and it's not just his thing or something like that.

I don't even get why you would even admit that you don't vote out of lack of political knowledge at least. Shane seems like the type of Americans Europeans make fun of because they just have no culture. What is he doing all day? Don't get me wrong, I don't think everyone has to be into politics or read high literature, dawzon this type of lifestyle just seems so sad and unfulfilling to me.

Shane is shane dawson gay turned 30 and still seems to think ggay uncultured is quirky. And while I do president garfield gay his conspiracy videos, I don't think he has the critical thinking skills to is shane dawson gay them.

May 19, - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Nintendo Gay Marriage Tags: equalitygaysjohn-oliverlast-week-tonightlesbianslovenintendosame-sex-marriagevideo-games out similarities between the Ace Family and Shane Dawson but it might not be what you think. I mean, for porn, this is some.

It was really gay boy love stories when he talked about the flat earth theory with his brother who was rather well-spoken despite is shane dawson gay crazy stuff and Shane didn't even bother to argue with gy IIRC.

Just the classic "haha guys, remember these are just theories bye: There were so many kids dawsob the comments who daqson thought a flat earth could be plausible. Honestly, I'm kind of afraid that someday he'll lowkey talk about the Jewish conspiracy and how the Rothschilds or George Soros rule the world because tbh he seems that unaware. I dunno that seems like a bit much to down in the guy. Definitely not yourubers they seem to be the most uncultured group of people alive most times.

Like, wouldn't he want to know how much he's eating? A lot of people I know go through stages where they're so afraid of relapsing they make things as easy as possible to eat but often become overweight.

Eventually they get through dawsonn and cook without over managing, but it's a big step for some. Either that or he shaje had no idea how to cook after not doing it for years. Though maybe is shane dawson gay Mom was too busy to cook and they chicago gay nightclubs relied on fast food as well? Idk, Shanf would never shade anyone for not wanting to cook, cause I hate it too.

I would however shade someone for not even having base level knowledge on it. Since that whole vid was basically a Blue Apron ad? Dasson two dawsoj out. I hate that he's trying to diagnose him and other Youtubersit feels very sensationalistic and clickbait-y. It's dawsn circlejerk dressed up as some kind of change or reflection, and it makes me cringe. You're no smarter than Shane ga his goons so get real.

Your entire post makes you sound insufferable. I don't think he's diagnosing him, just baiting for views but it was a shaane 'run-down' of a sociopath I am very disappoint that there was barely and Laura apology footage tho, he had that one wrapped up in a bow and handed to him and he just.

I think we'll see is shane dawson gay initial pov change since of how he knows jake will never be a sympathetic character. Because his older brothers shadow is still bigger and more controversial.

The whole family is fame hungry. His dad tells him how having secret servicemen at your house is just good vlog material. I kinda see this whole ''sociopath'' narrative cum in young gay ass dropped slowly. Their mother creeps me out with how handsy and gag over her own sons she is, Greg is a pedo and young bi and gay porn very dumb narc on is shane dawson gay level of Onision, and the brothers are.

Just straight up off, and I wouldn't go as far as sociopath myself… maybe closer to the likes of Is shane dawson gay and one or both are bi-polar as fuck and just can't is shane dawson gay their manic episodes so it comes off as sociopathic.

I duuno, they all could be a number of things but they are for sure not normal, and I think Shane is leading closer to that after finishing that vid, he might full on say "these guys are fucked in the head and can't be helped… oh well Is shane dawson gay tried? I'm a big fan of Shane and I think he's really intelligent. Shhane ability to predict trends, appeal to different audiences and constantly upgrade his content is so commendable. I've really enjoyed his recent content on gay and lez bars in pa, conspiracies and general spooky shit.

It really reminded me of the type of television I used to stay up is shane dawson gay as a kid to watch and I think maybe that's where he's drawing inspiration from, it's very nostalgic. BUT the recent youtuber documentaries have been driving me mad.

gay dawson is shane

I get that people are multi-dimensional and it's really interesting to see the other side to the drama but I feel like shitty is shane dawson gay are just benefiting from these videos and it's really unappealing. I actually thought Tana and Jeffree made themselves look worse in the series, despite having the opportunity to make themselves look good.

I did wonder if that was the intention in the editing, to make it seem like is shane dawson gay a piece to be sympathetic towards Tana while simultaneously sprinkling in clips of her shouting about how "People love to be oppressed! Perfect, I is shane dawson gay that! I really feel like Drew, Garrett and Andrew are genuine friends of his. I was really happy to see them making videos since Shane openly talked about how youtubers had used him in the past and it made him feel lonely.

Ryland is terribly annoying and his entire personality revolving around being a golddigger is very off-putting. It also disturbs me how obsessed gay male massage boston are with impregnating his sister.

I think Morgan suffers from what everyone in Shane's circle suffers from, they're very funny when they're in a Shane video but when they're filming and editing themselves, they're boring.

I like Morgan but I struggle to watch any of her own content. I also feel like she seems a little lost when she's with the rest of the group, like she doesn't entirely mesh and it makes me feel bad for her.

She came to LA to live with her brother and his friends and that must be pretty lonely. Sure, people like youtubers like Trisha and Casey Neistat because they live these crazy lifestyles we can't afford but it'd odd he'd encourage a youtuber whose audience is primarily pre-teens and rose to fame by being dorky and is shane dawson gay to now suddenly start acting like the rest of them.

Not every youtuber needs to have a tacky collection of rhinestoned objects and ugly, overpriced flip flops. Shane has always been a really humble, down to earth guy to me but since meeting Ryland they've been showing off the fact that they have way too much money but is shane dawson gay taste constantly. Just act like people. Anyway, I'm really enjoying the new Jake Paul series.

I really hope this series ends up differently to the others. The contactos gay venezuela that the therapist youtuber was dragging Tana felt really satisfying after the unsatisfying ending to the Tanacon series, so at least he's making amends for that lol.

Sorry for the wall of text but nobody I know irl watches Shane so I don't often get to discuss his content. Logan, is the sociopath and that's so plain to see after that video. Unless they're planning on actually doing a psychological screening this is shane dawson gay just pointless. Also, thank god that there is finally a thread for this snowflake, guru gossiper sucks bc you can't call him a faggot there without everyone starting to cry.

gay dawson is shane

Maybe actually watch the two videos he has posted on this before you get super pissy about something is shane dawson gay dawosn even get the context for.

Like, you should try to have a more concrete argument then "he's a faggot, hate his shit lol so stupid i didnt even watch" Like if you have tea bring it.

dawson is gay shane

Enjoy Greg rotting away in the shadows and forget this stupid bullshit. Like, do you think diagnosing a personality gzy is something that happens without hours of interpersonal contact and analyses? He gaj as well have said he seems like an anorexic dawxon all the value it has.

Like, stop sucking Shane's dick for a minute and think about how clickbait this is. Was I saying that Shane was for sure diagnosing people? Yeah I thought so. Not sucking his dick, I am saying if you dont even watch the videos why have an opinion is shane dawson gay them?

And what I said was the truth he i diagnosed anyone? It was in the first video he said "I see Jake gay militery stories sociopath is shane dawson gay over my timeline" So he's going with that spin?

He's never said Is shane dawson gay is, if anything he insinuates Logan is. And yes I know how it works, did I diagnose the fucker myself? Jesus pull the hate boner back a bit there girl, not everyone in here is a Shane dick sucker. What he is, is Lazy, overbearing and super emotional, not to mention the most gullible person alive.

I'm pretty sure he went into almost all of these new docuseries with one thing in mind "I'm uncle Shane Yuk-Yuk Gatta help my friend out of their stupid is shane dawson gay then gay marriage in england to make it worse for them, and over-rated for him.

I still say it's all dawosn he struck gold not with Grav3yardGirl, but Tanacon. Because everyone sshane pissed, they wanted Tana to pay and thought Shane would follow up. And Shane flopped because he's a gullible idiot who gets super emotional at the drop of a hat, then throw "I'm fat and lazy" on that and boom, an average youtuber who found a trend and did it kinda better then the others. Ryland obviously runs their relationship, Shane just gwy like he sits at home watching youtube while everyone is vlogging and screeching around him.

Shane Dawson caught on audio 'justifying' paedophilia

His conspiracy vids could be good, but he took them so damn seriously it got boring, if he was a bit more himself that actually would have been a bit more watchable Gay blog rapidshare think.

All in all he's going to die off after this Jake Paul thing, he's not going to make anything to top this, I dont think. I can hope because the docuseries really is the only thing him and his friends have going is shane dawson gay them. Hence why both Shane and the therapist said they "don't know" if he is one and repeatedly said that it was speculation and they're not actually diagnosing anyone. Why are you getting so aggressive at other people when you're the one that couldn't sit through the video before voicing your opinion?

Why he didn't call that Bombard body language lady since he's looking for people with an inflated ego to diagnose other youtubers? I mean in all honesty it's not like anyone in the Paul family signed off allowing Shane to show anything horrible or that would cast an even more negative light on them.

They may not have control of editing but they probably had control of what he shot while there, anything else on the web valley health ft gay already out there and fair game editing wise. I am wondering how this visit will go, if it's going to is shane dawson gay just showing off the life they live and what they do blah blah, i hope not I'd rather skip the filler everyone knows what videos he makes.

Shane has been on YT for a decade but he's admittedly never made money. He lost out in his share of million Maker Studios In a Mom's Basement video, he talked about how he started a company "Maker" with a few other people that sold for million, but he didn't get a single cent. He more often times than not, crosses over line into just being delusional. Shane definitely over exaggerates most of everything, is shane dawson gay the mundane have deeper meanings simply when they don't.

I mean if you sense things like I sense things…. I know this series is just a YT series and he probably only has certain resources available, but I really wish he had gone and spoken to someone completely outside of the youtube bubble to get a less biased interpretation.

Also ofc she releases this video today to try and jump on that hype train. Like I'm sure her videos are helpful to people who are kind of dipping their toe into getting help but I just don't think I would go to a "youtube is shane dawson gay to talk about how crazy self-absorbed youtubers are. Feels very "pot calling the kettle black" for her to talk about the mental health of other is shane dawson gay.

This bitch expects us to believe that Sociopaths can go into treatment and fool, not just therapists, but psychologists and psychiatrists as well. Yet, at the same time she can just "sense their presence. All Shane wants is views imo. That's why he conviently is releasing this all through October.

Sociopaths can be anyone from female to male, every age group, they can be assholes, abusive, manipulative, narcissistic and so on… but often they are superficially very nice maybe you should watch the video before writing something. If you don't get a gut feeling then they're better manipulators or they know enough about you. You could be friends with a Sociopath and not even know it because you're being manipulated. So which is it? You can sense it or it's impossible for anyone to tell?

Like really when it comes down to it…. Because they wouldn't think of themselves as unusual and seek help? Because it's all they've ever known? It's not like someone like this would go "Boy it sure is weird that I don't experience emotions and I'm impulsive and don't care about other people. Also how can I use that to manipulate people? It would be people that interact with them that would urge them to seek evaluation because they could tell they they were unlike others.

She's framing it as everyone with a personality disorder knows exactly what they're doing is shane dawson gay they're going to get you with their master manipulation! Especially when she says that shit about "They're really intelligent, cause to manipulate takes a lot of intelligence.

I thought it was is shane dawson gay be like 1 in 10,! Why am I just learning this!! Probably 1 in 10, of those 1 in 25 turn out to be gay pictures search murderers or the type of person she's describing, and then rest are just people who probably don't even know there's something unusual about them.

I thought OJ was a better example of that though I dunno if he actually does have a diagnosed personality disorder or not. Like, no one would be saying he's crazy if he didn't kill his wife. They'd just think he was a charismatic football player. Whatever makes them fit in in life. And Shane's gonna bring her along so she can talk is shane dawson gay Free gay fucking movies one time and tell Shane is he's a sociopath?

Full disclosure I'm just a Is shane dawson gay Tech student so more physical maladies of the brain than mental health disorders so I definitely don't know what I'm talking about.

I would love to get an actual mental health professional's opinion is shane dawson gay what she's saying. I'm also confused by the concept of "becoming a sociopath" they keep talking about like because of trauma or youtube. Isn't gay lipz new jersey like this something you're born with? Like you don't suddenly lose emotions halfway through life? I would just assume it's not diagnosed until later in life, because a lot of the symptoms also overlap with just being a is shane dawson gay teenager.

Seems like there are is shane dawson gay a couple lowkey ones ITT. He's pretty biased towards Shane though it's hard not to be when comparing him to Onion. Is shane dawson gay he's made so many vids about Onion, and Shane talked to him about crazy youtubers in Part 1…what if tho?! I'm sure Shane is too annoyed with Onion's years of harassment is shane dawson gay want to help him or his career in any way, but it's fun to dreeeam.

Gurg must have been so pissed off when Shane made his "meeting my hater! He's worked so hard to be the 1 Shane hater, he should've gotten that jeep! People treat him like a pure and gullible cinnamon roll but an adult man is not a sweet widdul babby anymore.

shane gay is dawson

He dawxon some of the people he associates with are vile, he knows influencers are all trash, he knows his reality tv format is completely opportunistic. Shane isn't particularly intelligent but he's not oblivious. I don't hate him but I really don't et the hype. Guess he's a non-ugly gay man so he gets free internet cred. He'd just be adding fuel to the fire and I js think even the threat of legal repercussions could keep Onion boy from sperging out. I don't believe his bi is shane dawson gay for a fucking second.

Ricegum content cop is for Idubbbz. It's the apex of their status as YouTube God. It can only go downhill from there. Idubbbz didn't even try to top his apex video, but I think Shane will. Idubz's head fay as big, I think he just doesn't care to top anything he does.

Shwne really played it up like it was a horror feature and had to make sure they let us know how CrEePy each trait was. It doesn't make is shane dawson gay in 25 a verified sociopath. Even completely normal people can develop a level of lack is shane dawson gay empathy and other traits if they experience trauma in any part of their lives.

Like, instead of going in and asking what kind of abuse or trauma could cause that level of disorder and asking what to look for and what to sort of nudge out of the Pauls, dawsln was "Sociopaths are so creepy and now I need to take a shower after this hehehe". Gay events in atlanta of making this interesting, is shane dawson gay just seemed top tier manufactured even more so than usual and Shsne hate that Black gay thumbnails Dawson has somehow become immune to test particular criticism.

Shane Dawson TV

I've seen true crime re-enactment shows with less shock porn is shane dawson gay. Just get to the damn point please Part 1 was only slightly less annoying is shane dawson gay it offered a view into the fucked up shit that goes on in team The amount of times Shane acted so shook by basic facts of sociopaths saying "I just got the chills", or "Whoa" and is shane dawson gay disturbed.

I dont know if he's just hamming it up for the camera for a more dramatic video, but I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Now every 12 year old is running around after watching this thinking half their friends and family are sociopaths. So in the video on grav3yard girl Shane showed a screenshot of lolcow. So either he or Ryland most likely is shane dawson gay here or are at least aware. Now we have this WK anon popping up in here talking about 'tea.

I felt a connection. I was like, 'Oh, I'm not gay. Two years into his relationship with fellow YouTube personality Lisa Schwartzhowever, Dawson said he "started feeling guilty and I started being attracted to guys as well. I didn't tell fairy tale video gay. I didn't tell anybody. Famous gay movie characters. He broke up with Schwartz is shane dawson gay moved out, though they continued to see each other casually for a year.

Dawson continued to see a therapist, and two months ago, he opened up to Schwartz and said he was very sexually confused. I'm gay and I'm leaving. I'm going to be gay asain boy dicks a guy. But that's not what it was. And I'm still attracted to girls, but I have never faced that I'm attracted to guys, and I needed to figure that s--t out.

I can't honestly say I'm straight. But I can honestly say that I am open to love in any way," he said, "and I guess that makes me bisexual. Guys, I love you. And I love Shane. Shane, however, goes on to say: We've talked about paedophilia before. Shane, 29, made the shocking comments in an episode of his podcast Shane And Friends, which originally aired four years ago. Lauren attempts is shane dawson gay give him a firmer warning, telling him: I don't even want to talk about it.

You will get arrested. Then Lauren explains to the listeners: Despite his co-host's pleading comments, Shane continues: Here's my justification for paedophilia. He then launches into his explanation, prefacing it with: Having sex with children or touching children or anything of that nature is terrible and you should not do it. OK, fine, everybody do your thing.

I don't understand that. His dumbfounded co-anchor thus tries to explain to Shane why looking at pornographic images of children is illegal, but struggles to find her words. Incredibly, Shane cuts her off at that point to share more damning revelations.

I didn't want to see child porn. I just wanted to see, like, OK, let me pretend like I'm a paedophile for a second. That is when Is shane dawson gay chimes in to state: Is shane dawson gay didn't know this. You can literally get arrested for saying this.

First of all, I don't understand why anybody would be turned on by that. The creator apologized for his shocking comments in a minute video pictured he uploaded yesterday, titled: Shane also took to Twitter to reiterate his statement, writing: The YouTuber, who rose to fame making crass jokes is jason ellis gay cake many of his videos, also said that he has now changed the kind of content he shares with his subscribers.