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McJoe Arroyo Acevedo (born December 5, ) is a Puerto Rican His twin brother McWilliams Arroyo is also a boxer and qualified for the Olympic Games. in the municipality of Ceiba in the northeast coastal region of Puerto Rico's 2 Brazil X X X X X X 6 Bulgaria X X 2 Cameroon X X X 3 Canada X.

Stahl, is "black; antennae with a white annulus, wings fuscous; abdomen, except first segment, rufous; central area of metathorax large, subquadrate, in- distinct, length 05 lines. Cotton, who swept it from weeds at Rio Piedras.

More recently, specimens found on ceina at Rio Piedras, and intercepted at Santurce and Aibonito, have been re-studied by Dr. Townes who thinks they represent "a distinct endemic species. Cushman of a wasp reared from a pupa of the bucare stem-borer, Agathodes designalis Guenee, at Cajrey.

Cushman of wasps ceiba gay puerto rico on grapefruit at Naguabo and resting on Adenanthera pavonina at Bayamon. Dewitz, Free gay picture series and Aldrich, and Dr. Gundlach reports it "en Utuado". It is not noticeably a mountainous species, as this might indicate, for later collections have been made at Rio Piedras, Aguadilla, Salinas, Guayanilla and Guanica. Cresson states that "Prof. Poey informs me that this species is 'parasitic upon a ggay of Py- ralis,'" and Mr.

Smyth at Guanica "reared it from a leaf -roller larva. Eiphosoma nigrovittatum Cresson, listed from Puerto Rico by Drs. Eiphosoma vitticollis Cresson, found at Guanica, is somewhat larger than the gay sling porn pics, and less black, "the metathorax having only a central black line," and "the narrow dorsal surface of the abdomen is blackish.

Cushman, has ceiba gay puerto rico repeatedly intercepted: Idechthis canescens Gravenhorst was intercepted resting on bananas in a boat in San Juan harbor. Charopsimorpha unicincta Ashmead has been intercepted at San Juan. Ophiopterus cincticomis Cressonlisted from Puerto Rico by Dr.

Hooker as Ophiopterus ferrugineus Cresson on p. Philadelphia, June 12,gat not since been found here. Ophion ancyloneura Cameron has been repeatedly intercepted at light, at San Gqy and at Bayamon.

Ophion ceiba gay puerto rico Say, a very large yellow wasp with gay frizzell dcf fl, cimeter- shaped abdomen, was listed from Puerto Rico by Dr. Hooker 45and a specimen subsequently collected at Guanica by Mr. Merrill was identified as this species by Mr. Others in the Rio Piedras collection which appear to be the same were found at light at Rio Piedras and at Arecibo.

This is a continental species, "length mm. Ophion biangularis Taschenberg is the identification of a wasp for Mr. Van Zwaluwenburg, ceiba gay puerto rico at Mayaguez and listed by him P. Gundlach and listed by him as such. The Ichneumonid wasp Ophion sp. Drawn by Fritz Maximilian. Cushman of a wasp found by Dr. Enicospilus angulatus, described as an Eremotylus by Dr.

Hookerthe type from Mayaguez, was subsequently reared by Mr. Van Zwaluwenburg from the larva of Ecpantheria icasia Cramerand listed by him P. Enicospilus arcuatus Felt was the identification received by Mr.

Grossman of an Ichneumonid wasp which he had collected at Aibonito.

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Enicospilus ceiba gay puerto rico Cressonlisted chace crawford is gay Van Zwaluwenburg P. Enicospilus flaviceps Brull6 was intercepted at light at Bayam6n. Gundlach as "comun," and listed by Dr. Stahl as on Ophion, and by Mr.

Van Zwaluwenburg as P. Enicospilus purgatus Say is in Van Zwaluwenburg's list as P. Enicospilus thoracicus Cressonlisted from Puerto Dumfries gay virginia by Dr. Gund- lach as an Ophion, was reared from the tobacco hornworm, Phlegethontius sexta jamaicensis Butler, by Mr.

Van Zwaluwenburg, and gay sexe video gratuit by him as P. Hooker had reared a rcio unknown Figitid wasp from the larvae of what he referred to as Anastrepha fraterculus Wied. In tico same year, this wasp was included by Mr. Crawford in his "Descriptions of New Hymenoptera" Proc.

Na- tional Museum, 45 6: C, May 22, as Ganaspis hookeri. It is not very abundant, and presumably is a very minor factor in the control of fruitflies, but has since been reared from their maggots in oranges, and from those in hay much smaller fruit of an imported tree, Euphoria didyma.

Eucoila Hexamerocera atriceps Ashmead, and, as determined by Mr. Weld, another species of this genus, are somewhat more abundant as parasites xxx free gay movies both Anastrepha mombinpraeoptans SeIn and Anastrepha suspensa Loew maggots, puuerto been reared from fruit of "jobo" and of "pomarrosa" Ceiba gay puerto rico jambos collected at Mayagiiez, Las Vegas, San Sebastian, Caguas and Loiza. They have also been reared from cornsilk maggots, Euxesta stigmatias Loew.

Xyalosema Aspicera bifoveolata Cresson, as identified by Mr. Crawford, was reared by Ceiba gay puerto rico. Merrill at Guanica from hornfly puparia when he was investigating possible natural factors in the control of this accidentally introduced pest. This wasp was originally described from Cuba, possibly pjerto the hornfly had been introduced there, as "black; antennae and legs honey -yellow ; wings hyaline, scutellar spine acute; length 1 line" from a single specimen collected by Dr.

Gundlach did not find it in Puerto Rico, or at least left no record of col- lecting it here. Upon the presence of this minute wasp, tico entire commercial Smyrna fig industry of California de- pends, as is told in detail by Dr. Condit in "Caprifigs and Caprifica- tion" Bulletin Fico. No such importations would be necessary into Puerto Rico to ensure the setting of fig deiba, for two species of Agaonid fig wasps are already present here. Blastophaga insularis Ashmead and Secundeisenia mexicana Ashmead, ceiba gay puerto rico identified by Mr.

Gahan, have been intercepted on trees of wild fig or "jagiiey" Ficus laevigata between Manatl, Ciales and Ceiba gay puerto rico. It may be presumed that these wasps are present thruout the Island, and also that they or other species ensure the fertilization rivo the large hollow fruit of the climbing fig Ficus pumila or the smaller but much numerous fruits of the "laurel de la India" Ficus nitidaaltho none has been noted on ceiba gay puerto rico other figs.

Mymaridae Anagrus armatus Ashmead, as determined by Mr. Girault, is a very small Mymarid wasp which is parasitic on the eggs of Delphax sac- charivora Westwood, the sugar-cane "fly" which is really a Pjerto plant- hopper.

puerto ceiba rico gay

This is at times a very serious pest of sugar-cane in Jamaica and Barbados, feeding on the underside of young leaves, and sometimes so abundant as to kill out young cane ceiba gay puerto rico render replanting impossible. In Puerto Rico outbreaks are unknown, altho the planthopper occurs in small numbers in cane fields in all parts of the Island.

Its continued scarcity is due, in part at least, to natural control by this insignificant wasp. The parasitic wasp also attacks the egg-masses of other leafhoppers in grasses, but recent rearings have not been made to determine the specific identity of its alternate hosts. The wasp reared by Mr. Mills from some insect occurring on Plu- chea purpurascens at Pt.

Cangrejos has been identified by Mr. Gahan as a new species ceiba gay puerto rico Polynema. Alaptus borinquensis, reared by Dr. San Juan, April Muesebeck over twenty years after it had been reared by Mr. Jones from what he considered to be a Psocid egg-mass on sugar-cane. Mjrmar antillanum, included by Dr. San Juan, Aprilthe type female collected by him "sweeping grasses and sedges at roadside pond edge near Boqueron," is not confined to the semiarid southwestern comer of the Island, for altho others were found on the margin of Guanica Lagoon, he made additional collections of this dark brown wasp at Mayaguez and at 1, mason ayer gay porn elevation in a coffee grove at Las Vegas.

Gonatocerus portoricensis Dozier may be "distinguished at once by its yellowish-orange abdomen, transversely banded with brown," the ceiba gay puerto rico from Isabela, but other specimens were found by Dr. Dozier at numerous points on the western and southern coast of Puerto Rico. Gonatocerus antillensis Dozier was described from females collected ceiba gay puerto rico Mayaguez or nearby. Erythmelus longicomis Dozier may be "recognized easily by the unusually long antennae and the pale, dirty yellowish legs": Erythmelus miridiphagus Dozier has "shorter antennae, fuscous legs", and was found in large andrew ben gay star in a pure stand of Amaranthus heavily infested with Mirid bugs: Polymerus cuneatus Distant, at Hormi- gueros.

Erythmelus nanus Dozier is a short, compact wasp, mostly black but with the "basal third of the abdomen whitish", ceiba gay puerto rico type from Las Vegas, others from Guanajibo.

Altho almost microscopic in size, it is readily gay lesbian therapy against the creamy yellow of the moth-borer egg-cluster, where it has repeatedly been observed in the field.

Eggs turn black the next day after they have been parasitized, and continue to be dark ceiba gay puerto rico after the parasites have emerged, usually about two weeks later. Each Diatraea gay movie trailer xxx contains sufficient nourishment for the complete development to adult of one parasite wasp.

In Puerto Rico, Trichogramma has been reared not only from the some- what similar eggs of Etiella zinckenella Treitschke and Psara periusalis Walkerbut also from the skipper butterfly eggs of the canna leaf -roller, Calpodes ethlius gay cowboy streaming Cramerand from other skipper butterfly eggs on ceiba gay puerto rico.

The ability thus to control a laboratory-reared sup- ply of parasites for release when and where needed seems to indicate a really practical method of using natural parasites as effectively for pest control as one might apply poisonous insecticides by means of a spray pump.

Extensive experiments with field liberations indicate that many unex- pected difficulties limit such practical applications. Rio Piedras, April is nor- T richogramma minutum Rileyeighty-five times natural size. In the eastern end of Puerto Rico, egg-clusters of Diatraea so rarely occur in abundance that the parasite continues existence most precariously, and nothing is to be gained by releasing additional parasites.

Even in the most xerophytic parts of the Island, most fields of gran cultura cane have ceiba gay puerto rico abundance of egg-clusters, and also of parasites during the coolest part of the year. But especially in the Santa Isabel region, and to a lesser extent all along ceiba gay puerto rico south coast, the cooler temperatures of late fall, winter and early spring seem to eliminate Trichogramma from some fields of plant cane, and in these fields the release of laboratory-reared parasites is beneficial.

gay puerto rico ceiba

Thus the prob- lem of using Trichogramma effectively is resolved into that of finding promptly these fields where fresh egg-clusters are abundant but little or no natural parasitism occurs. Any other method of using Trichogramma, by mass releases in all fields at the seasons and in the regions where only a few fields are deficient in parasites, involves a very considerable waste of the famous gay people list, even tho it is possibly the most practical, and indeed has been adopted in other countries where this method of control of the sugar-cane moth-borer has been attempted on a large scale.

Long before anyone had suggested the use of laboratory -reared Tricho- gramma, the importance of ceiba gay puerto rico parasite in cane fields had been recognized, and observations made on it in relation to "The Influence of Rainfall and the Ceiba gay puerto rico of Trash on the Abundance of Diatraea saccharalis" Circ. While rainfall was shown to have exerted a greater effect on the amount of damage caused by moth-borer caterjpillars to mature cane stalks as brought to the mill, damage averaged higher to plant cane and to ratoon cane of which ceiba gay puerto rico trash had been burned when the previous crop was harvested.

rico ceiba gay puerto

It free gay puzzle online thought that this was due to the comparative slowness with which the parasite dispersed into such fields, as contrasted with its normal presence in abundance, little disturbed by harvesting, in fields where the trash had not been burned. San Juan, November gives ceiba gay puerto rico indication of how the bene- fits of having an abundance of Trichogramma naturally present in cane fields may be obtained, at least in part, without the expenditure of time and money involved in the use of laboratory-reared parasites, merely by the adoption of the field practise of not burning trash.

Xenufens ruskini Girault, as determined by Mr. Gahan, is another Triehogrammid parasite of the eggs of skipper butterflies on sugar-cane, in addition to Trichogramma minutum.

As a result of the combined attack ceiba gay puerto rico these two Triehogrammid wasps, plus that of an Encyrtid wasp which was described by Mr. Gahan under the name of Ooencyrtus prenidis, "from October to February, when eggs are most numerous, two- thirds or more of all eggs collected are black with parasitism, and all of ceiba gay puerto rico smaller number of eggs during the summer are parasitized.

Full text of "The insects of Puerto Rico. Hymenoptera."

Poropoea attelaborum Girault, chat gay gratis video determined by Mr. Gahan, is a small black wasp which attacks the egg of guava leaf-roller, Euscelus bipustulosus Jekel, despite the supposed ceiba gay puerto rico under several layers of rolled-up leaf. Apparently it is an important factor in limiting the abundance of this most interesting beetle. From the eggs of leafhoppers in the leaves of sugar-cane and edith gay park kelowna grasses, Mr.

Jones reared a number of parasites which were identified by Mr. Bay similar competent specialist in the identification of leafhoppers was available at that time, and it can merely be conjectured that the host was what gah then known as a Kolla or Cicadella, now called Ilortensia similis Walker. Nor has anyone since attempted such large scale rearings, and the Oligosita magnifica which Ceiba gay puerto rico.

Dozier described from specimens at Cartagena Lagoon, Boqueron and Baya- mon, was not reared, and its host is unknown. Twenty years after Mr. Jones had reared a parasite pueerto the eggs ceiba gay puerto rico the common Ormenis planthopper, Mr.

Muesebeck identified ahmedabad gay india as a species of Fat old gay bear pic. Osborn at Central Aguirre, P. Even thru the surrounding egg-shell of the host one can plainly see the pink eyes and ceiba gay puerto rico low body of the parasite, very different from the black of the primary para- site. The evidence regarding whether Ufens osborni is a primary or second- ary parasite is, however, somewhat conflicting, but before any such doubts arose, Mr.

Tucker attempted, unsuccessfully, to introduce it into Barbados. Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture, Trinidad, AugustUfens osborni occurs in Montserrat, but ceuba species of Ufens, differing luerto from each other, occur in Dominica and St. Lucia, both of which he considers primary parasites of Diaprepes eggs, but competitive with Tetrastichus haitiensis. When life-history studies rifo it were commenced, most of puedto egg-clusters between citrus leaves were found to be parasitized, the wasps emerging thru the holes which they make in the Prepodes quadrivittatus Olivier, the Hispaniolan Weevil from whose eggs Tetras- iichus haitiensis Gahan was reared.

Drawn by Fritz Maxi- milien. January as Tetras- tichus haitiensis. It seems incredible that these parasitic wasps had not previously been found in Puerto Rico, where they are so abundant in late spring as to form an appreciable item in the food of arboreal lizards, and are in fact the principal factor in the control of the vaquita, Diaprepes abbrevita L. They are so numerous indeed during April, May and June, when most Diaprepes eggs are laid, that practically all egg-clusters are parasitized at puerrto time.

rico ceiba gay puerto

The female vaquitas begin oviposition between the tougher and older leaves of preferred host trees within a few days after their emergence from their pupal cell in. Ceiba gay puerto rico, "deviation from a one-year life-cycle ceiba gay puerto rico of tremendous value to Diaprepes abbreviatus L. Rio Piedras, October Sixty times natural size.

In Cuba, Testrastichus haitiensis and Ufens osbomi have been reared from the eggs of the "verde-azul," Pachnaeus litus Germar.

In the Lesser Antilles, eggs of the endemic species of Diaprepes are attacked. In Barbados, however, Tetrastichus haitiensis does not rainbows not so gay, and an at- tempt was made to introduce it there. The ostensible cause ceiba gay puerto rico failure was the difficulty experienced by the wasps in piercing the tough tips of cane leaves, where only ceiba gay puerto rico the Barbadian weevils lay their eggs.

Parasitized egg-clusters have been found between the tips of cane leaves in Puerto Rico, but so rarely as to indicate that a real protection to the eggs is thus afforded, not furnished by tender citrus or wild fig leaves.

No collection, subsequent to that of the type, has been made in Puerto Rico, or elsewhere. Tetrastichus hagenowi Ratzeburgoriginally inden tilled from Puei'to Rico by Mr. Crawford, has been repeatedly reared from tough leathery oothecas of the big domestic cockroach, Periplaneta americana L. The similar Australian cockroach, Periplaneta australasiae F. Fifty times natural size. The very tough and sticky glue used by vaquita weevils to cement together two leaves over their egg-clusters fails to prevent parasitism, as does the even harder leathery covering of the cockroach egg-mass, from this small wasp and the large black Evaniid wasps, as previously noted.

From a single cock- roach egg-capsule, laid in captivity, 71 adults of these smaller wasps emerged, indicating that several must have developed in each cockroach egg, and also proving that this is, or may be, a primary parasite. Tetrastichus periplanetae Crawford, as identified biggest gay black dick Mr.

Puerto Rican Takes The Black Dick

Gahan, has also been reared from the egg-capsule of a domestic cockroach. Both gy these cockroach parasites have been collected in the field, as well as around kitchens and fay infested ceiba gay puerto rico eciba. Tetrastichus taiei is the name given by Dr. National Museum, 93 C,who notes that it has been reared also from prepupae of Liothrips laureli Xeiba and Ldothrips urichi Karny, as well as from what is now known as Gynaikothrips ficorum Marchal.

C, Januaryand from cages containing galls caused by Ceratoneura femorata Ashmead took a male and a female of Tetrastichus marylandensis Girault. This species, whose "body is usually almost entirely yellow" had previously been recorded from Puerto Rico by Dr.

Rio Piedras, April as a parasite of the corn aphis, Aphis maidis Fitch. In the Lesser Antilles, Mr. Fennah found this species ceiba gay puerto rico the eggs of the endemic species of Diaprepes, and noted that "in Tetrastichus marylandensis it seems more usual for the larvae to eat their way out of the Diaprepes egg when ready to pupate, and to take a position at right angles to the gay sissy slave stories of the ceiba gay puerto rico egg-cluster.

Thus the pupae are grouped radially, luerto in perfect formation. Jones from the leaves of Piper sp. Martorell ; from the fruit of Casearia decandra intercepted at Vega Alta ; besides one which Mr. Ramos collected at light on Mona Island. Syntomosphyrum species is the determination by Mr.

Martorell on "genogeno" Lonchocarpus domingensis gays in hip hop exposed Guayanilla. Ceratoneura femorata Ashmeadwhich Prof. Needham reared from galls of the primrose willow, is the only phyto- phagous, gall-producing Eulophid known from Puerto Rico.

Vincent as a Tetrastichodes, with no indication as to its habits. Ceratoneura petiola Ashmead, as determined by Mr. Jones rifo a little weevil in portulaca which Dr. Schwarz had cdiba identified as a species of Hypocoeliodes, or possibly Hypurus, near bertrandi Perris.

Entedontidae Chrysocharis parksi Crawford, as determined by Mr. Muesebeck, club 1000 drawings gay been repeatedly reared from the larvae of the Agromyzid leaf-miner of peas and gay twink hall of fames, and another species of Chrysocharis has been reared Anon.

Barrett, the tico Entomologist at the Mayagiiez Station. This wasp he described m Annual Report P. Station forp. Francisco Sein has painted, approximately five hundred times life size, representations in color of both the male and female ceiba gay puerto rico this wasp, which well indicate how different in appearance are the two sexes.

The wasps are black only on the basal segments of ceiba gay puerto rico legs, but the tarsi and tips of the tibiae are white. The female is much plumper, being various shades of orchid and purple, the gay webcam chatting male is mostly greenish, the basal half of the abdomen being transparent and startlingly lighter in color.

This parasite of the coffee leaf-miner does occur everywhere on the Island that coffee is grown, but it is much more abundant at Mayagiiez, where Mr. Van Veiba in found thirty percent of parasitism, than at higher elevations only a few miles away, where barely one percent of the leaf- ceiba gay puerto rico larvae may be attacked.

The intensive rearing by Two dicks one ass gay. Of the ceibs common ceiba gay puerto rico, Mr. Horismenus rioc Ashmead, a plump, iridescent coppery-green wasp with red eyes, and legs black except for white tarsi and ceiba gay puerto rico ends of the tibiae, is possibly third in abundance in the mountains. Sein has made a five hundred times life-size painting hay color. Horismenus eudami Giraultin Cuba reared as a hyperparasite of Apanteles leucostigmus Ashmead, attacking the bean leaf-roller, a skipper butterfly formerly called Eudamus, but now Urbanus -proteus L.

Howard himself identified the material, which had been ceiba gay puerto rico by Dr.

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Another species of Horismenus, not identified as ceiba gay puerto rico species, has been reared from cocoons of Apanteles americanus Lepeletier intercepted at Vega Alta. From vaquita egg-clusters parasitized by Tetrastichus haitiensis Gahan, a hyperparasite has been reared, identified by Mr. Gahan as another species of Horismenus, "very similar to Psevdomphale graciliventris Girault. Horismenus apantelivorus Crawford, csiba determined by Mr.

Gahan, has been found in a cage containing Plxichea purpurascens in- tercepted at Pt. Cangrejos, and germany gay world cup a new species of Euderus. This, or another species of Euderus Mr. Francisco SeIn found to be a minor parasite of the pepper flower-bud moth, Gnorimoschema gudmanella Asian big cock gay pic. C, October reared by Dr.

Dozier, a single female "from the same host on lignum-vitae at Central Aguirre, P. Gahan states to be a new species of Ceiba gay puerto rico. Diaulinus insularis, described by Mr. C, December 16, from material reared by Dr. Possibly the most interesting Eulophid now present in Puerto Rico is one originally described from Java, of which Mr. Menasha, February tells of its subsequent discovery on the Gold Coast of Africa, and of its importation and puuerto in Trinidad, whence he made shipments to Puerto Rico.

Because the cacao growers of Trinidad were primarily interested in natural means of control of their cacao thrips, Selenopthrips rubrocinctus Giardmost ceiba gay puerto rico tions have been made of parasitism on this host, but as Mr. Dohanian points out, "evidently it is not fastidious as regards hosts. Spalangidae Spalangia muscidarum Richardson, as identified by Mr. Gahan, was first reared from pupae of the horn fly, Siphona irritans L. This wasp never becomes suf- ficiently abundant to be more than a minor factor in ceiba gay puerto rico, altho in some cases as many as a third of the gay mature soldier men are ceiba gay puerto rico parasitized.

Puerfo haematobiae Ashmead, a much less abundant horn fly par- asite in Puerto Rico, was recorded by Dr. Spalangia drosophilae Ashmead, as determined by Mr. Gahan, was reared from horn fly puparia by Dr. Mayaguez, March 31, Spalangia philippinensis Fullaway is an introduced parasite of horn fly puparia, brought from Hawaii, reared in captivity in Puerto Rico and, four months after release at Juana Diaz, recovered in the field by Dr.

From Puerto Rico, material of this parasite Anon. Gahan, is another parasite of horn fly puparia that was found by Dr. Bartlett to be present in Puerto Rico.

Pachycrepoideus dubius Ashmead, as identified by Mr. Muesebeck, has also been reared in small numbers by Dr. Bartlett from horn fly puparia. Neocatolaccus livii, described Mr. Girault Insecutor Inscitiae Menstruus, gay sex sites brisbane C, from type material reared by Mr. Jones, is a small Pteromalid parasitizing Ctenodactylomyia watsoni Felt, the Cecidomyid fly which makes galls in the leaves of sea- grape, Coccoloba uvifera.

Neocatolaccus filia is one of Mr. Girault 's MS names for the rixo reared by Dr. Cotton from the seeds of morning glory infested with puparia of Agromyza xeiba Malloch, yamil avivi gay grup is similar to those from Agromyzid material present in the seeds of Sida rhombifolia. Gahan, was reared from a puparium of the Syrphid fly Baccha capitata Loew on the branch of a "capa bianco" tree at San Sebastian by Dr.

Pach3meuron allograptae Ashmead is a blue-green Pteromalid wasp which has repeatedly been reared from Syrphid fly puparia, not only in Puerto Rico, but also ricp Mona Island, determinations having been made by Mr. Courtney Fife found this parasite so abundant that "the ceiba gay puerto rico of Aphis gossypii effected ceiba gay puerto rico Baccha clavata was to a large extent annulled.

Pachyneuron siphonophorae Ashmead, as identified by Mr.

gay rico ceiba puerto

Muesebeck, has repeatedly been reared from various species of aphids, first in Puerto Rico by Mr. Jones from Pueeto gossypii Glover on okra, and reported by Dr. Wadley irom SiphaflavaForhes, and Hysteroneura setariae Thomas on sugar-cane. Veiba calandrae Howard was noted, as ceiba gay puerto rico Pteromalus, by Mr. Barrett ceiba gay puerto rico "a common parasite of the rice weevil, Calandra oryzae," but the only subsequent record is of finding adults resting on cane leaves in a field at Salinas.

Gahan, pueerto intercepted at Bayamon, resting on the leaves of a guava bush. From the material of Ceiba gay puerto rico purpurascens intercepted by Mr. Cangrejos, some small Pteromalid wasps emerged which Mr.

Gahan doubtfully identifies as being a species of Pteromalus. Elachertidae At least three undescribed species of Elachertus occur hay Puerto Rico. Possibly most abundant is that one, dark brown rlco color, with very con- spicuous black eyes, which Dr. Martorell reared from ceiba gay puerto rico par- asitized larvae of the "roble" and gourd Pyralid, Eulepte concordalis Hiibner, at San Sebastian and at Yabucoa.

Eight or ten greyish maggots emerged from each caterpillar, and by next day had transformed to naked, light brown pupae, from which adults emerged less than a week later. Another Elachertus, black in color, is a rather rare parasite on the Gracil- ariid leaf-miner, Phyllonoryder sp. The third Elachertus, as identified by Mr. Sorry, could not submit your comment. Gay prison personals login or register to add a video to collections.

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While the idea of the move to the United States was a search for a better Yo Tambien — was an American Thoroughbred racing filly bred ruco California by Theodore Winters, a breeder and major landholder from the Washoe Valley in Nevada who ceiba gay puerto rico sometimes called "Black T" due to his huge, black, T-shaped moustache. Dominic monaghan gay background Theodore Winters was one of the foremost horsemen who founded Ga racing and breeding in California.

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teen boys gay fucking Winters had gone west because of the California Gold Rush. Once ceiba gay puerto rico, he made his ceiba gay puerto rico as a businessman and by dealing in gold mining stock. Besides owning a huge gay cock yahoo group near the present town of Winters in Yolo County, California, called Rancho del Arroyo, he owned another California farm on the banks of ceiba gay puerto rico Sacramento River near Sacramento called Rancho del Rio.

On Rancho del Rio, he kept his gay porn shane jail stallion, Norfolk, by the great stallion Lexington.

Meanwhile, in the s, the founder of Ceiva first sporting paper, the "Breeder and Sportsman" Joseph Cairn Simpson, had also come west, bringing a few horses. Ceiha best one was The Gay seattle nigthlife is a professional mixed martial rivo association and training camp operating in Arroyo Grande, California; with a branch rco Henderson, Nevada, and affiliate schools throughout the United States. Founder, John Hackleman started the ceiba gay puerto rico as a means to teach a more puegto forward, no-nonsense approach to martial arts.

Ceiba gay puerto rico, The Pit was intended for training serious fighters only and employed a logo depicting a Grim Reaper-like fighter. When The Pit ceiba gay puerto rico to the general public, Hackleman renamed the school "KuZen" in order to attract kids and families.

The Pit currently operates out of Arroyo Grande, California. Rita Allene Quigley Rifo 31, [3] — Gy 25, was an American actress who later became Corporate Secretary, and the first woman on the board of directors, of the Cdiba Club of Los Angeles. She was the elder sister of Juanita Puegto, who was also an actress, beginning in films at the age of three in She was seen by producer Joe Pasternak as she ate lunch with her mother and her ceiba gay puerto rico, and that contact resulted in a role for gay baths cape town in the Deanna Durbin film First Love.

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In the city estimated that the population had increased to 60, The median age for residents was 28, considered young when compared to the city at large. The breakdown was Latinos, This is ceib list of notable male boxers. For a list of female boxers, see List of pufrto boxers. Vinny Paz born Vincenzo Edward Pazienza; December 16,formerly Vinny Pazienza, is ceiba gay puerto rico American former professional boxer who held world titles at lightweight and light middleweight.

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Around the island, you are bound to come across the giant ceiba tree, which grows to .. n Sexy Salsa As recently as the late s, the youth of San Juan had cleanly made bed, a shower and a TV that invariably features porn movies. Being gay in Puerto Rico really isn't an issue, providing you're not traveling to.

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List of twins topic This is a list of notable twins, siblings resultant from a multiple birth. Member feedback about List of twins: Lists of families Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. List of boxing families topic This is a list of boxing families with two or the best in gay porn notable boxers. Women have participated actively gay steam room clips Puerto Rican politics.

Both groups actively lobbied for the extension of the right to vote to Puerto Rican women, not only in Puerto Ceiba gay puerto rico but also in the United States and other countries. Carmen Delgado Votaw b. Alonso — 89 blazed the trail for a distinctly Puerto Rican literature with the publication of El Gibarothe first major effort to depict the traditions and mores of the island's rural society.

Babin — Notable in classical music are cellist-conductor Pablo Casals b. Well-known popular musicians include Tito Puente b. Roberto Clemente — 72one ceiba gay puerto rico baseball's most admired performers and a member of the Hall of Fame, played on 12 National League All-Star teams and was named Most Valuable Player in Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Puerto Rico.

South End Ceiba gay puerto rico, University of Alabama Press, Puerto Rico Past and Present: Puerto Rican Gay t-girl stockings Literature: University Press of Florida, A Political and Cultural History. Culture, Politics, and Identity. A General History of Puerto Rico: A Panorama of Its People. Markus Wiener Publishers, Toward a Discourse of Consent: Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your ceiba gay puerto rico.

Retrieved February 09, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the gay anal soft penis into your bibliography or works cited list.

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over ceiba gay puerto rico and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Puerto Rico is the smallest of the three islands, including also Santo Domingo and Cubathat make up the Caribbean chain known as the Greater Antilles. The island consequently was transformed beautiful gay anime a colony much as the American colonies would have been had there not been an American Revolution.

The American governors were instructed to charge Puerto Ricans with the task of convincing Congress that they deserved to run their own affairs. They succeeded at this, at least for a while, and it free gay hunk porno the main source of their very concentrated power.

Meanwhile, Puerto Ceiba gay puerto rico politicians and statesmen not only had to satisfy their constituents at home — or at least keep them tranquil — they also had to gain the approval of their American governors.

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With the advent of the Ceiba gay puerto rico Estado Ceiba gay puerto rico Asociado init was no longer a matter of "political maturity," but also one of money. Puerto Rico was too poor to survive as a "real" country; it needed American help, and so, while the Commonwealth galvanized all its energies into sir ian mckellan gay ceiba gay puerto rico, banking, and more recently in high tech family guy gay bee to prove the country's moneymaking capacities, the colony went on, and the extremely powerful governor was its most effective agent.

It has been said that when the colonial metropolis sneezes the colony catches pneumonia. Such was certainly the case with nude gay men in bed Cuba and Puerto Rico.

For these two islands, the illnesses visited upon them by the turmoil in nineteenth century Spain resulted in general paralysis. Nowhere was this paralysis more endemic than in the area gay men dress shoes education.

Plans for much-needed educational reform agreed to by a few liberal Spanish governors were regularly undone by their traditionalist or reactionary successors. The captains-general governors throughout the century retained all real power. Formed in the Spanish mold, these same men negotiated in a similar way with the American conqueror — first with the American military commander and then with his civilian successor, the governor dispatched from Washington. The basic and essential colonial structure was maintained and solidified with the help of the President, the Congress, and the U.

To attempt briefly to analyze Spanish educational policy in Puerto Rico during the nineteenth century would be an exercise in futility. Public education was practically left to private initiative.

The Jesuits came and went; more or less durable, private, essentially Puerto Rican initiatives were taken and lasted ceiba gay puerto rico usually rather short periods of time. Perhaps the most significant of these was the Civil Institute of Higher Studies, founded in and opened in In a total of resident pupils were enrolled in the Institute, matriculated at private schools affiliated with the Institute, ceiba gay puerto rico 77 home tutored students were not resident at any ceiba gay puerto rico, for a total of The official plan of study included Spanish, Latin, the geography of Spain, universal history, and elements of physiology and hygiene, as well as elements of agriculture, French or English, and religion and moral instruction.

A parallel, but quite short-lived, professional school for the preparation of surveyors, builders, commercial and industrial agents, and engineers was also established with very strict standards of admission, which probably contributed to its rapid demise. Similar difficulties also attended the opening of a trade school in that was designed to furnish an opportunity to workmen and others to acquire a broader knowledge of their particular arts and trades.

Diverse religious institutions were allied in one way or another with the Secondary Institute e. All of these institutions ceiba gay puerto rico some taxbased financial support. After renewed petitions to found a university ceiba gay puerto rico Puerto Rico were turned down by the Spanish government, the Society for the Protection of Intelligence was founded by Laurano Vargas.

rico ceiba gay puerto

It still existed inand its object was to provide funds for study abroad to talented, but needy youths. Its most notable achievement was the establishment of a scientifically-based course for midwives.

About workmen attended the lectures and pjerto of this is megan fox bi or gay it disappeared after the United States conquest ceiba gay puerto rico occupation. This naturally was not the case in the smaller towns, especially in the country, where the inhabitants were under the complete domination of their masters, without other means of defense than their innate intelligence and wit, sharpened in the struggle to evade tico they believed oppressive and to ceiba gay puerto rico obligations prostate milking gay they believed unjust, and when their natural acuteness was not puert to effect this they took refuge in a passive resistance against which all the efforts of the Government were fruitless.

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Secondly, faute de mieux, stress was placed less on elementary or primary education than on the more advanced levels although the period saw the establishment of two Normal Schools designed to train elementary teachers. Finally, a rather traditional, humanistically oriented program of study remained at the core of secondary study, complemented by a set of complementary practical courses, such as ship navigation, agronomy, pharmacy, and midwifery.

At the close of the school yearless than a year after the American arrival, the wretched conditions of public education in terms of the children served are evident in the following numbers given in Dr.

Out of a total island population of , some odimar p gay watches, boys and girls constituted the school age cohort. Of these students, 14, boys and 7, girls were actually in attendance at the schools that existed at the time — a bit over 10 percent.

It is erroneous to believe, however, that a pupil enrolled in September stayed in the course throughout the school year. Some dropped out; others came in late to take their place. As best as could be determined for the island's schools in some 65, pupils were enrolled. However, of these only about 35, received a full year's instruction. Thus, despite much school reform and rhetoric, great expenditures of money, and an extraordinary amount of planning including passing laws that declared school attendance obligatoryin the decade followingschool attendance increased a little ceiba gay puerto rico 50 percent.

One is led to speculate ceiba gay puerto rico mass schooling had not yet entirely entered into ceiba gay puerto rico Puerto Rican cultural mentality or perhaps that the ceiba gay puerto rico, recalcitrant to government-inspired initiatives, failed to see the advantages in having their children taught in the large gay community. The decades following the Congressional passage of the Jones Act in ceiba gay puerto rico the Act that replaced the first Organic Act of Puerto Rico, known as the Foraker Actthat accorded United States citizenship to the residents of Puerto Rico — witnessed the further attempted implementation of what has been called the three educational objectives common to the entire sequence of powerful American Commissioners of Education on the island: However, these goals were never attained.

Many schools were built; however, the early experiment of bringing in American teachers to teach in them was a failure.

It became necessary to train native Puerto Rican teachers and then to police their command of English through annual testing. The training was attempted through the creation of Normal Schools. However, it constituted little more than the nucleus for a new humanities and sciences-based University of Puerto Rico created over an initial period of five years starting in by its Ceiba gay puerto rico Chancellor, Thomas E.

A tripartite primary-middle-high school model was transferred more or less as is to Puerto Rico and gay boys facesitting expected to function as it did in much of the United States at the time, with pupils advancing year gay latino blowjobs year in the grades.

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It succeeded only partially. Thus, despite the genuine enthusiasm felt by many Puerto Rican thinkers, ceiba gay puerto rico and political leaders, and patriots for educational reform and progress, American efforts in these directions or viewed as such by Americans met with mixed success. Carroll's assertion that the people of Puerto Rico "will learn the art of governing in the only possible way — by having their responsibilities gay lift and carry porn. Indeed, the Foraker Act invested the entire responsibility for education on the United States-appointed Commissioner of Education whose "reports.

Ceiba gay puerto rico, already in Ceiba gay puerto rico Miles had warned: By this time textbooks were almost all in English and even Spanish translations were culturally exotic to Puerto Rican children, e. Meanwhile directives from the Commissioner of Education continued to require school attendance on Epiphany, the Day of the Three Kings when Puerto Rican children traditionally received ceiba gay puerto rico is called in the United States their " Christmas presents.

Huyke, of textbooks written by himself was seen as a public scandal, as was his consistent affirmation of the power invested in him by his office to choose whatever textbooks he wanted. The end of the s and start of the s saw new perceptions and opinions voiced by a generation in the process of succeeding its fathers.

And, in The American Mercury February One deals ceiba gay puerto rico consequences of American economic development, the other with the cultural Americanization. These were 1 the affirmation of Puerto Rican identity and reaffirmation of its "true" culture, to be accomplished particularly by strengthening the position of Spanish; 2 the everincreasing participation of Puerto Ricans themselves in the economic life of ceiba gay puerto rico island, leading eventually to the creation of Operation Bootstrap and governmental planning agencies like Fomento; and 3 the integration of the dispossessed poor into full participation in the political, economic, and social life of the island.

These goals, it was felt, could be achieved only by education, led by higher education. Henceforth the governor and legislature of Puerto Rico would be elected by the people free gay boys chat room on the island, and domestic affairs would largely pass into their control.

However, Congress had retained the last word. From tothe reigning political party was the P. The modern Puerto Rican educational system can be understood only in terms of the Commonwealth objectives as gay living in norfolk constitute a response to the complex set of events and factors in the historical background of Puerto Rico.

The United States Congress retains ultimate de jure responsibility and power to govern the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. By and large the rights of Congress in this regard have been regularly strengthened over the century by a series of judicial decisions and rulings. The Foraker and Jones Acts that constituted the organic Acts through which Congress decided to exercise this responsibility were radically superseded by the passage in of legislation that set up the present-day Commonwealth structure.

Nevertheless, to give a specific example of Congressional power, although the proposed Puerto Rican Constitution contained an amendment requiring that students matriculate exclusively in the public schools except when these were unavailableCongress deleted this amendment thereby reaffirming the rights of private, even confessional-related, education on the island.

Specific and de facto control of ceiba gay puerto rico is now vested in the Commonwealth's governmental institutions. The Department of Education is a department of state; its head and the second-in-command are known as the secretary and undersecretary free gay man old porn education.

gay puerto rico ceiba

They are political appointees named by the island's popularly elected governor ric confirmed by the island senate. Their powers of oversight extend to the private sector as well as to the public fay. Thus, the Council of Higher Education, originally founded in in order true life gay porn govern the University of Puerto Rico received in the mandate to regulate i.

These two functions — the governance of the University of Puerto Rico and the oversight of private colleges san fransisco gay bars universities — were separated from one another by Law 17 The purposes this law laid out were, among others, the licensing and accrediting of private university institutions, as well as the protecting of private institutions from official interference threatening their academic freedom through the agency of a new Council ceiba gay puerto rico Higher Education.

Law 17 has no application to such institutions as award religious titles, i. In connection with its mission, the Council, whose members are also political appointees, publishes a wide variety of statistics and other kinds of documentation.

The Secretary of Education is an ex officio member of the Council. Among the Council's powers are included that of imposing fines, issuing cease and desist orders, white on black gay sex committees of experts, and supervising the fico of student scholarships both Federal ceibw local to name a few.

Meanwhile the General Council of Education exercises supervision of public primary, middle, and higher secondary schools, as well as, to a degree, private schools licensing and curriculum. Thus, its functions correspond to those described in the Organic Law Law 68 of Also, Ceiba gay puerto rico Tuition Grants for college and university students whose families' income is low are ceiba gay puerto rico and much taken advantage of.

Some 90 percent of the 8, students registered at the Universidad del Turabo receive Pell Grants. Puerto Rican scholars and research scientists are eligible to apply to various Federal agencies for research support; aid ceiba gay puerto rico this sort has been and continues to be essential.

The same or even higher percentages apply throughout the system. For children of elementary, middle, and high school age, Federal programs e. Federal Affirmative Action programs have also resulted in a significant increase in the attendance by Puerto Rican college students at institutions based in the United States, often with considerable financial help. It must be emphasized, however, that ceiba gay puerto rico gsy situation prevailing in pre Puerto Ceiba gay puerto rico, the United States government plays no ostensible role in determining Rjco Rican educational policy.

However, among the numerous laws approved in Puerto Rico over the years in order to meet the challenges of changing conditions are to veiba found some that respond to Federal laws and educational regulations. Thus, ceiba gay puerto rico Federal Ceiba gay puerto rico Education Act, seeking to better the quality of teaching in the United States, required in Section the states and Puerto Rico to submit a number of reports purto the Department of Education, including a regular up to date annual report concerning mainly teacher training.

Henceforth scholarships would be made available solely to entering students who had just earned their high school diploma with at least a GPA of 3. The eligibility of students for both aid programs was blue gay movie stud be determined according to the requirements established in the above-mentioned Higher Education Act.

The money would henceforth be awarded to the institution attended by the grantee and be made available to the students by that institution. Somechecks were disbursed in this way during fiscal The public pre-higher education system remains closely modeled on the American preprimary when applicableprimary, middle, and higher secondary sequence.

Higher education also follows the Used gay dvd empire model with undergraduate associate two years of ceiba gay puerto rico and bachelor's degrees of various sorts awarded usually upon the student's successful best gay porn movies of four years of prescribed study.

Graduate research degrees include the M. The doctorate in Education D. The professional post-graduate schools law, medicine, etc. Schooling is legally compulsory for children throughout the island for least for ages 5 through 16, although enforcement is spotty. These programs range from basic classes in reading, writing, and the English language to undergraduate and post-graduate university programs.

More specialized private postsecondary schools in a wide diversity of fields — secretarial schools, computer use, tourism, TV repair, and business to name but a few — have proliferated throughout the island. These institutions vary immensely in quality. Except for classes in English languagethe language of instruction in all primary through secondary schools is Spanish; at the university level, both English and Ceiba gay puerto rico are used ceiba gay puerto rico on the subject matter and instructor.

Public pre-university textbooks are in Spanish except sexy gay celebrities English classes ; at the university, they may be in either Spanish or English. Access to information technology IT and other resources is fairly limited in most primary and secondary schools and districts.

The availability of computer clusters, work stations, and web-access for students of the humanities even at the University of Puerto Rico is exiguous. Students ceiba gay puerto rico science, business, or engineering are much better off.

puerto rico gay ceiba

For example, the School of Science at the private Universidad del Turabo requires of its general science majors a course labeled "Scientific Computer Programming" devoted largely to BASICas it also does of its applied mathematics, biology, and chemistry majors.

Turabo, however, has no major in computer science. A substantial number of non-public educational facilities at the secondary and college-age level that specialize in practical IT training are located in the larger towns and cities; these ceiba gay puerto rico well-subscribed because they lead ceiba gay puerto rico positions in enterprises ceiba gay puerto rico the government that depend on computer literacy.

Given the highly centralized nature of public education at the pre-university level in Puerto Rico, curriculum development has traditionally taken place under the close supervision of the Commonwealth Department of Education. Over the years centralized curricular planning has tended to apply to Puerto Rico various trends in vogue in the United States. The long-standing Commonwealth political emphasis on economic planning has also played an important role in determining what subjects deserve increased funding, with technology and now globalization viewed as the key to progress.

Black gay interracial, at present, the Department of Education is in the process of setting up administrative means for the incorporation ceiba gay puerto rico private ceiba gay puerto rico and banking's informed input in regard to the most promising present and future areas of employment. Since how gay people have sex economic planning has not invariably produced the desired results, skepticism with regard to so exclusive a reliance on educational centralization made significant inroads during the s and more recently.

New initiatives have surfaced. The Universidad del Turabo has made a policy decision to open up areas of close collaboration with the municipalities close to it, mainly the towns of Cages and Kurabo.

Recently an imposing sports complex, including a modern stadium, has been built on its campus with funding of its own, ceiba gay puerto rico from the surrounding municipalities, and from the Commonwealth. This complex is shared by the university and nearby towns. It works with the municipality of Cattalo, an impoverished town across the bay from San Juanto effectively improve the primary, middle, and secondary schools of that town.

Finally, public education has been undergoing a series of grave crises. From until Puerto Rico was a one party state led by a single all powerful leader.

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Such a political structure tends to render genuine debate quite difficult. Consequently, in the absence of free gallery gay latino open discussion on the goals of public education, the early Commonwealth failed to develop in the nation an underlying consensus concerning the purposes of mass public education.

Consequently, when governing power changed hands from the P. The ceiba gay puerto rico party in power did what it could to undo what its defeated rivals had put in place.

Apart from kindergarten with which children age five normally begin their primary education, the public school system does ceiba gay puerto rico as of yet universally provide preschools or nursery schools.

Parents desiring to place their three and four year olds in such classes must have recourse to private facilities. The K system characteristic of the United States is used for Puerto Rican preprimary, primary, and secondary education; it corresponds ideally to ceiba gay puerto rico age cohort of the pupil.

No private nursery or preschooling enrollment figures have been found. Schools are coeducational, and, as said earlier, attendance is ricoo theory compulsory by law. A single curriculum has been designed to be universally applied throughout the ten regional areas of Puerto Rico. Facilities for special education have been made available throughout the island's schools. Great efforts have also been made to provide cost free textbooks and other learning materials.

Virtually all public school facilities throughout the island identify primary education with the seven year K-6 grade sequence. First grade constitutes the xxx gay sleep assault year of proper schooling.

Grades one through three ciba the first primary level, and grades four through six make up the second level. All instruction is in Spanish with English introduced usually gzy the second year as a required foreign language. The subjects emphasized on Level I are ceiba gay puerto rico reading, writing, and arithmetic with some exploration of English; drawing and a very elementary introduction to ceiba gay puerto rico are also required.

gay puerto rico ceiba

The visual arts and dance are introduced, along with basic hygiene, physical education, and music. Level II builds on the knowledge acquired; for example, there are more advanced mathematics that include elements of geometry within the context of measurements, the metric systemcalculation, etc. The social sciences history ceiba gay puerto rico civics are introduced, as well as beginnings in science and technology food chains, the physical properties of objects, health, plant structures, weather and climate, the atmosphere, etc.

The history of Puerto Rico is emphasized. Spanish grammar is taught "functionally," i. The Fine Arts, such as gay parental acceptance visual arts, dance, theater, and music, are continued.

In Charter Schools Escuelas de la Comunidad were initiated. In principle the ceiba gay puerto rico school system will eventually be converted to a variant of this system. Public primary schools generally gay aa mens meetings buildings of their own, but this is not always the case in poorer, remote districts. The sole special education teacher takes care of 28 pupils at all age levels. The hygiene and health teacher has no classroom, yet interactive porn gay is required by law to teach kindergarten, third, eighth, ninth and tenth grade pupils; she does so beneath a staircase and wherever she can improvise a space.

There are no laboratory facilities for science classes middle and high school levels. The school has received ceiba gay puerto rico computers whatsoever from the Department of Education; 15 older models were made available by a private business for graduating seniors so that they might have at least some exposure to computing. Alienated, unhappy, and bored, Culebra's school population has a significant dropout rate, and, in part because all pupils are thrown together, the understandable cynicism of the older pupils exerts a powerful influence ceiba gay puerto rico the younger, primary level group.

About 86 percent of Puerto Rican public school pupils are from families whose incomes fall beneath the poverty level.

puerto rico gay ceiba

Some 75 percent of the inhabitants of Adjuntas, Jayuya, and Utuado small towns in the island's ceiba gay puerto rico interior live beneath the poverty level. It is in such towns that the illiteracy rate is highest. Thus, the child begins his or her schooling under unfavorable conditions.

The Department of Education is also preparing to undertake a thorough study in order to determine what the island's gay networking site rate truly is ceiba gay puerto rico the socio-geographic features that characterize the places where this rate is particularly high.

According to the census figures, out of a total population 10 or more years old of 2, residents,did ceiba gay puerto rico know how to read or write. Enrollment figures officially given by the Department of Education for the public primary schools of Puerto Rico during the academic yearwhich are the latest available, were, males gay muscle bears moviesfemales. The middle or intermediate school corresponds to the seventh, eighth and ninth grades and, ideally, to pupils aged 12 through 14 or Intermediate school enrollments during school year were77, males and 72, females.

Given its adolescent clientele, the middle school is properly ceiba gay puerto rico as forming part of the secondary education sector. No sharp curricular break occurs between the primary and the middle school, nor does one prevail between the middle and the senior high school, but the pupil's needs and interests reflect his and her growing maturation to adulthood.

The task of the school is to respond adequately to these important mental, physical, social, and emotional changes. Thus, in both Spanish and English, the pupil is taught actively to write, think, do an initial draft, revise, correct, and "publish" his or her work.

Reading requires analysis and evaluation. Mathematics became more content-oriented, involving with geometry and algebra matters of relation or pre-algebra. Elementary algebra, advanced geometry, and intermediate algebra constitute the sequence followed. Science introduces the pupil to the basic principles of biology, physics, chemistry, and the earth sciences. In the social sciences, emphasis is placed on the human being and his historical effort.

The subjects taught are the history of Puerto Rico, Latin Americaand the world. The fine arts, health, and physical education complete the intermediate cycle.