Dear Friends and Fellow Animal Lovers,

Thank you for subscribing to  ItÕs been a busy nineteen months since publishing our investigative report, so weÕre happy to finally send an update!
The overwhelming response to our website forced Ashley Pompell to abandon the fake rescue organization she was using to scam people out of fraudulent adoption fees and donations.  We have good reason to believe, however, that she continued using fake identities to list animals for sale on CraigsList.  We can only hope that she wasnÕt very successful.   
While we would have preferred to see her prosecuted for animal-related offenses, we're glad to report that Ashley wonÕt be selling anything online for a while because she has been convicted of an unrelated crime.  Even after pleading the felony charge down to a misdemeanor, her sentence does include some jail time, which will be followed by two years of supervised probation.  We sincerely hope that these consequences bring an end to her pattern of bad decisions and harmful behavior.
Although Miss Pompell is out of the animal exploitation business for the moment, we are reminded of the sad reality; there are many, many others like her.  Please help us continue to spread awareness by encouraging your friends and family to confirm the legitimacy of rescue organizations before donating money, adopting or surrendering an animal.  Let us not allow a few bad apples to turn us away from the real animal heroes who need our support.  Rescued pets are the best; we just need to be careful about the people we trust!
And now for the bright side of this updateÉ Pippin.  While he continues to be a relentless troublemaker, we have settled into a routine of partial solutions.  We still struggle to manage the daily challenges he presents, but Pippin couldnÕt be happier.  Our family has moved to beautiful Northern CA., where we are happily anticipating the birth of our first baby any day now.  There will certainly be an adjustment period, but we think Pippin will become a loving companion to our son.  What a lucky little boy, growing up with a real-life teddy bear!
We are grateful to each of you for all the important contributions to animal welfare.  Whether you rescue, volunteer, adopt, foster or donate, we THANK YOU.  Millions of homeless, neglected and abused animals are counting on the kindness of many to overcome the cruel greed of a few.
Very Sincerely,

Megan & Justin Kendall